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Book Publication: Reconciliation and Refugees

with contributions by Dr. Carolina Rehrmann and Tim Bausch
Book Cover
Image: V&R Verlag


The most recent publication of the Research in Peace and Reconciliation (RIPAR) series by Editor Martin Leiner et al. at Vandenhoek & Ruprecht Verlage (V&R) focusses on the war-torn MENA region. This Book aims to give a profound insight into the refugees everyday life, their feelings, expectations and obstacles they face during their escape from wars and conflicts.

Dr. Carolina Rehrmann and Tim Bausch from the Chair of International Relations at FSU Jena participated in this publication. Mrs. Rehrmanns Article is entitled "The European Refugee Crisis in Germany and Greece: Between National Populism and Humanitarian Action." (pg. 75-106) Together with Stella Kneifel, Mr. Bausch contributed an article concerning the "Reconciliation through the Visual and Pop-Culture" and a "Case Study of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon" (pg. 127-144).

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