Study trip participants winter 2022-23

Berlin Study Trip

23-25 January 2023
Study trip participants winter 2022-23
Image: FSU Jena


In the past winter semester, the Chair of International Relations again organized a study trip on German foreign and security policy to Berlin. As part of Dr. Schäfer's seminar, 15 students visited Berlin from January 23 to 25, 2023, to discuss the following issue: "German Security Policy - A New Security Policy Paradigm?".

In the course of the study trip, participants talked with political decision-makers and experts from ministries, think tanks, and political foundations about various subjects such as the Ukraine war and its impact on German and European security policy, the significance of the so-called "Zeitwende" for German cybersecurity policy as well as for other states such as Finland and Sweden. Furthermore, the international strategic framework of German foreign policy was discussed with a particular view of the European Union ( EU ) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ).

The discussions provided in-depth insights into the individual topics. They clarified how the often-cited "Zeitwende" announced against the backdrop of the Russian attack on Ukraine in February 2022 can be translated into an actual political program. At the same time, frictions and gaps that require further clarification became apparent. These include, for example, the long-term strategic orientation of German foreign and security policy and communication with the general public.

The study trip was organized in cooperation with the Zentrum Informationsarbeit Bundeswehr ( ZInfoABw ) and sponsored by the Ernst Abbe Foundation.

The Chair thanks all participants and supporters and looks forward to the next edition of the study trip planned for the winter semester of 2023/24.