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Liberty Project
Image: Liana Franke
Lecture hall
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Review of the Panel Discussion on the Causes of the Conflict​
War in Ukraine: Panelists
Image: Géza Tasner
with contributions by Dr. Carolina Rehrmann and Tim Bausch
Book Cover
Image: V&R Verlag
The Importance of Local Actors and the Case of Ukraine
Lecture with Fionnuala Flynn
Image: Chair of IR
A Panel Discussion on the Causes of the Conflict
Panel Discussion
Image: Chair of IR
Prof. Biermann talks about the Ukraine and the EU-enlargement process at MDR Kultur
EU Ukraine Flags
an interdisciplinary lecture series with Prof. Dr. Rafael Biermann
lecture series
Image: Theologische Fakultät
A Discussion with Joachim von Puttkamer, Thomas Kleinlein, Edward Schramm
Paneldiscussion with Prof. Biermann
Image: Chair of International Relations
Prof. Dr. Rafael Biermann in an Interview with the OTZ on the War in Ukraine
Ukrainian Flag
Image: Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash
a lecture series hosted by the Ethics Center of FSU Jena with Prof. Rafael Biermann and Lena Saniye Güngör
lecture series
Image: Chair of International Relations